Winter of Will is an offspring of the oil paintings Silent; after collecting and slicing the paper rags used to clean my brushes, I stitch the paper pieces into various grids. It is a reflection on my obsession with the grid and its infinite possibilities of creative choices, opportunities to defy chaos. The challenge of the material and technique underlines the endurance and strong will required to accomplish the work, while its formal aspect - paper, fabric, thread stains and traces - communicates fragility and domesticity. Winter of Will is also a consideration of recycling, reclaiming paint itself and the idea of painting, without the actual and resolute action of painting. I reuse my “creative story” as well as tools and material to incite an alternative creative process.

08.WW.2007.cropped.w.jpg Winter of Will 8, 2007, paper and thread, w6”x h8.75”

Winter of Will 2 -672 stitches, 2007, oil on paper, hand stitched on cotton fabric, 60" x 97"
On view at Ramis Barquet Gallery, Monterrey and at Muriel Guépin Gallery, Brooklyn

Winter of Will 18, 2009, oil on paper, hand stitched, w16.5" x h16.5"

Winter of Will 3 and 5, 2007, oil on paper, hand stitched on cotton fabric, w11" x h34"

Winter of Will 11, 2008, oil on paper, hand stitched, w22.5" x h22.5"

Winter of Will 9, 2007, paper, machine stitched, w4" x h6" - Winter of Will 10, 2008, paper, machine stitched, w16.5" x h16.5"