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Artist Pauline Galiana was born in Algiers and grew up in France. She received her MFA at ESAG in Paris in 1984, and has a Christie’s Art Business Certificate. Her work has been exhibited at the New York Public Library; Memorial Sloan Kettering Gallery Brooklyn;Kentler International Drawing Space in Brooklyn; the Columbus Museum, Columbus, GA; Drawing Rooms Art Center, NJ; Durham Arts Council, NC; Islip Art Museum, NY; New York Institute of Technology;Chashama Gallery, NYC; Robert Henry Gallery, Bushwick; Baron Boisanté Gallery, NYC; and the Ramis Barquet Gallery, Mexico among others. In 2017 she was selected for a one-month artist residency at MassMoCa in North Adams, MA. Her work is included in the collections of UBS, New York University, the National Museum of Romanian Literature, where she won a 2018 Bibliophile Object-Book Biennale award,and private collections in New York, Washington, Houston, Paris, Riyadh, London and Sydney. She lives and works in New York City.

S t a t e m e n t

I work simultaneously on distinct bodies of work, from collages to paintings, ephemeral installations to small-scale sculptures. I focus on actively engaging the viewer in a visual conversation.  The concept of poetic narration runs through my work, as does a reflection on the sources of, and how one recycles, creative energy.  I use literal leftovers from different stages of my own work -- ideas, forms, emotions or material.  Color drives my instinctive state of mind: hue, shade, tone, pigment, stain, wash, all bring vividness and an inspirational excitement, though my fascination for the grid taps into the broader theme of the mind's attempt to negotiate with chaos.


• National Museum of Romanian Literature, the 2018 Bibliophile Book and Object-Book Biennale Award.


Solo Exhibitions

• June-September 2018, Fracture, Fusion & Form, MSK Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

• Sept 2016-Sept 2017, Shredded Impressions, Sloan Kettering Center, New York

• May 2012, New York Public Library/Midtown-Window Installation Project
and Artist Dialogue Event

• September-November 2009, TAI/Exhibits, New York

• March-June 2008, Cendrillon Gallery, New York

• December 2003-March 2004, Cendrillon Gallery, New York


                  Selected Group Exhibitions


• Atmospheric Perspectives, NY Artists Circle, Chashama, New York

• Stillness, NY Artists Circle

• Talkatives, Robert Henry Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY

• Girlhood, Howland Cultural Center, Beacon NY

• The Bibliophile Book and Object Book Biennale, National Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, Romania



• The Big Small Show 2017, Drawing Rooms, Jersey City, NJ

• Croix Rousse Art Week, Lyon, France

• Art Of Paper, four-artist show, Semans & Allenton Galleries, Durham Arts Council, NC

• Contemporary Reuse, MFTA Gallery, Long Island City, NY

• Annual Art Festival, Randolph, NH

• Summer Show, Van Der Plas Gallery, NY

• Priority Mail, Ground Floor Gallery, NY

• Duality: Glimpses of the Other Side, Islip Art Museum, NY

• Backlot Art Festival Kaufman Arts District, Queens, NY

• Paper Works, Fort Works Art Gallery, For Worth, TX

• MASS MOCA Studios Residency, North Adams, MA

• Kentler Benefit Group Show, Brooklyn, NY

• In BloomSelection from the Kentler International Drawing Space flat files, Brooklyn, 



• Facie, D. Lombardi, Galerie Protégé, NY

• Bits and Pieces: Pauline Galiana, Liz Jaff and Jim Osman, Robert Henry Contemporary, Brooklyn

• 100 Works on Paper, Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn

• Let There Be Art!Columbus Museum, Columbus, GA



• Scope Miami, Muriel Guépin Gallery

• Boundary-less, Pleiades Gallery, NY

• Sloan Kettering Center, Brooklyn NY

• The Woolworth Tower, NY

• One More week of Summer - Art On Paper, Muriel Guépin Gallery, NY

• Stack/File, Kentler International Drawing Center, NY

• Bushwick Open Studios, NY



• Winter Show, Made (Art Collecting Made Social), NY



• Merry go Round, Muriel Guépin Gallery, NY

• Victorious, Aureus Contemporary, NY

• Scope New York, Aureus Contemporary 

• Paper Chase, New York Institute of Technology

• Childlike, Asymmetrik Gallery, NY

• Wynwood Art Miami,Aureus Contemporary



• Art Miami-Context, Asymmetrik Gallery, NY

• Off the Grid,New York Public Library

• To Be Considered, Muriel Guépin Gallery, Brooklyn

• (E)merge, Asymmetrik Gallery, NY

• Summer Show, Muriel Guépin Gallery, Brooklyn 

• Jeux-Rêves, a two women show , Muriel Guépin Gallery, Brooklyn 



• A Feast For the Eye, Lazarus Gallery-United Hebrew, New Rochelle

• Fine Art Houston, Aureus Contemporary Gallery

• Summer Show, Muriel Guépin Gallery, Brooklyn

• AAF New York, Muriel Guépin Gallery

• Art-Chicago, Muriel Guépin Gallery

• Text, Parlor Gallery Asbury

• Elusive, Parlor Gallery Asbury



• Scope Miami, Muriel Guépin Gallery

• Art HamptonsBridgehampton, Muriel Guépin Gallery

• Kentler Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY

• AAF New York, Muriel Guépin Gallery

• Landfill Art Project, Ken Marquis

• Looking in, Muriel Guépin Gallery, Brooklyn



• Winter Show, Shop Art Studio, Brooklyn

• Beyond the FrayArt Sites, Riverhead,NY



• Talkative Cells, Ramis Barquet Galeria, Monterrey-Mexico, New York

• Kentler Drawing Center, Brooklyn

• Small Works Show, NYU, NY



• 2006 Outer limits, Aurora Gallery, NY

• 2005 Cendrillon Gallery, NY

• 2002-04 Museum Editions, NY

• 2002 Art League of Bradenton

• 2001 Stockholm Art Fair, Arena@Feed Gallery

• 2001 Arena@Feed Gallery, Brooklyn

• 2001 Meat Market ArtFair New York, Arena@Feed Gallery

• 2000 Virtual ShowArena, Feed Gallery, Brooklyn

• 2000 Baron-Boisanté Gallery, NY


                  B I b l I o g r a p h y

• WHEN VISITING A CATHEDRAL, Michael Mapes, 2013

• ONCE OUT OF CHAOS, William Drenttel, Design Observer, 2009

• TALKATIVE CELLS, Karen Cordero Reiman, México, DF, 2008

SHE WHO PUTS IT ALL SO WELL, Alexander García Düttmann. Middlesex University, London, 2003