Fantastic artworks and short videos scrutinize human consumption and convenience in relation to nature, labor, and the natural cycles of time. The art pieces are entirely made of repurposed plastic, altered through time-consuming techniques like slicing and hand-stitching, or sometimes simply recontextualized. When applied to an otherwise mundane material valued primarily for its convenience and low production cost, the laborious process generates unexpectedly enhanced value.

The second phase of the alteration process are videos that feature the artifacts in jarring and awkward scenarios. Paradoxically, the transubstantiated detritus becomes precious, as precious as the ingenious chemistry of polymers invented by humans. Plastic is alchemy in disguise, the new gold. As durable as gold, but poison to creatures and the environment if let loose. Fantastic doesn’t only point out misuse but also prompts reflection on the high value of human ingenuity, the worth of the discarded, and the preciousness of time.