An uncanny goddess can alter her appearance: now she disappears; now she is a dog, bear, soldier, or maiden. Me as a Goddess are self-portraits in the form of 16-foot monumental necklaces. With reference to body ornaments, they tweak and twist concepts of personal and social identity, fetishism, and devotion. Each piece is an encounter between words and nonverbal elements gathered on a daily basis within an ordinary itinerary, then assembled in the spirit of a physical diary. Its title, a one-sentence poem made out of "found" words, provides the piece with the thread of a story; it does not describe the piece.

This project is a two-act play: act one, engineering the sculpture-object; act two, ‘pirating’ existing public commemorative sculptures as bearers of the large-scale necklaces. When I bring the ornament and the ornamented together, the pieces become simultaneously offerings to, and manifestations of a being larger than life, perhaps a divinity.