conFRONTation, Climate Art Collection, Berlin, Germany   

Show Dates: September 26 - December 31, 2023

In the context of city storefronts and the public space, ConFRONTation shows insights into the work of international artists who deal centrally with the topic of climate change in their works and are part of the Climate Art Collection. The exhibition series presents one original work every three weeks, as well as a selection additional works in the form of a digital collection.

Artists: Ronald Anzerberger, Adam Sébite, Pauline Galiana, Elham Angell, Et Al.

About the Climate Art Collection: The Climate Art Collection is a non-profit initiative based in Berlin that collects, communicates and exhibits artworks on the topic of climate change on a global scale. Our goal is to make climate change and the associated effects perceptible and tangible through art.

Affiliation / Alienation, XinSai Magazine, Issue 3, 2023

True, the interplay between Affiliation/Alienation is a slight one; if you squint, the narrow gap between the two concepts may appear to not exist at all. Perhaps we are all inherently alienated beings, and perhaps that is the cost that comes with bodily autonomy, perceived free will. But at the end of it all, we find belonging – to languages, places, intangible spaces, because “what else” can we do, “in the face of the indifferent universe”? (Anita Donovan)

(Excerpt from Editor's Note)

Cover art: Hugh Kerr

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Subo Art Magazine, Issue #7, 2023

Suboart Magazine, Issue #7, honors the talent & work of a total of 78 artists from the fields of photography, painting, textile art, sculpture & installation, drawing, collage, video & Mixed Media art and digital painting, from countries such as Brazil, South Africa, France, UK, Portugal, South Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Chile, Russia, and many more. 

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Transplants, Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Show Dates: July 14 - 29, 2023

Opening Reception: Friday, July 14 from 6 to 8 p.m.

The exhibition 'Transplants' explores the act of moving a living thing from one place to another, whether a human being, a culture, an internal organ, or a botanical specimen. In each instance, the transplants undergo both a physical migration and transformation of identity as they adapt to their new surroundings. The hope is they grow new roots and thrive, but there is also potential peril if the new environment proves inhospitable.

Amos Enos Gallery

56 Bogart St.

Brooklyn, NY 11206

Summer Show 2023, Studio Artego, Queens, NY 

Two pieces from the Shredded series will be on display at Artego's upcoming group exhibition in Queens, NY. This series looks at the seemingly mundane and discarded- personal documents, notes, and paper artwork, which are subjected to a meticulous process of selecting, cutting, looping, and gluing into a rigorous grid. The resulting pieces are an intricate statement about recycling and explore the human mind's resilience and determination to make sense of entropy.

Pauline Galiana: Mind and Body, Cynthia Byrnes Contemporary Art, Virtual Solo Exhibition 

Curated by Tessa Rosenstein

April 21st – June 19th, 2023

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CBCA is proud to present Mind and Body, a solo exhibition of works on paper by Pauline Galiana. This exhibition features work from three of Galiana’s major series: Inside, Generation, and Shredded; each of which explores a distinct aspect of what makes us human in either mind or body. Through this survey of Galiana’s practice, we consider her nuanced expression of the point at which life transforms from something technical to something profound.

In each of these three series, Galiana emphasizes color and her active methods of production to interrogate and convey the point at which that element which makes us human intersects with either the mind or the body. In Inside Series, Galiana uses vivid colors and energetic brush strokes to create abstracted interpretations of anatomical medical imaging. She describes this process as, “breath[ing] life into the deconstructed living organisms with gestural and vibrant paint strokes and surfaces.” The resulting compositions are bright and playful, featuring organic shapes imbued with a natural movement by the artist’s hand. In doing so, Galiana vests a sense of life back into her subjects.


In her Generation Series, Galiana applies her broad, gestural brushstrokes, the use of bare fingers, and varied color pallets to create what she describes as “mental landscapes.” While the horizontal bands of dry pigment loosely evoke a horizon line, their inarticulate, abstracted form center the communication of color and movement over a landscape. By identifying these as mental landscapes her expressive bands of color seem to illustrate a train of thought or natural sequence of emotions as each color blends into the next. Again, through her lively method of creation and clear evidence of her own hand, Galiana insinuates movement and a sense of life into her pensive mental landscapes.


Finally, in her Series Galiana employs gesture through the process of meticulously selecting, cutting, and assembling slivers of repurposed personal documents into grid-like circular sculptures. While Inside and Generation express a sense of livelihood through their vibrant colors and animated, gestural process of creation, here Galiana illustrates the human capacity for restraint and diligence. She explains that this, “intense meticulousness…ground[s] [the] work in the resilience of the human mind and its determination to patch, rebuild, and excavate from the entropy.” While her materials are in themselves literal evidence of a life lived, her detailed and laborious method of production further conveys the capacity of the human mind not just to feel but to rationalize and seek order. 


Throughout her practice Pauline Galiana instills her work with a sense of life and humanness. Using her own body and labor as an essential tool in the final piece, Galiana’s physically engaged methods of creation and spirited use of color spark a sense of intimacy, liveliness, and something essentially human in each piece as she explores the varied capacities of the mind and body.


Tessa Rosenstein

Exhibition Manager

Cynthia Byrnes Contemporary Art

23 Artists in 2023, Ubique

February 12th - March 12th, 2022

View the Exhibition

Ubique is an independent art media platform based in New York. Pauline Galiana is 1 of 23 artists featured in Unique's third group exhibition, showcased on Ubique's website and on Instagram.

Artists: Akanyijuka Evans, Allen Camp, AnnaThorne, Ariel Hirschhorn, Benjamin Wilson, Caroline McAuliffe, Charlie Chesterman, Chloe Wilwerding, Christa Capua, David Kim, David Ort, Jared Boechler, Jared Le Claire, Jeff Godfrey, Julia Forrest, Moss Loke O'Connor, Nathalie Basoski, Ophelia Arc, Pauline Galiana, Rene Gortat, Xiaopeng Zhan, Yi Hsuan Lai, Zeng Jiujian

Are We Free to Move About the World: The Passport in Contemporary Art, Florida State University's Museum of Fine Arts

Show Dates: February 2 - May 20, 2023

Are We Free to Move About the World: The Passport in Contemporary Art opens on February 2 at Florida State University’s Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA). Curated by Grace Aneiza Ali, curator and assistant professor in the FSU Departments of Art and Art History, the exhibition explores how contemporary artists engage with the passport to reflect one’s freedom of movement or lack thereof. The exhibition aims to investigate how artists treat the passport as an object of inquiry, both precious and stripped of its meaning, unpacking it as an urgent response to the global migration crisis.

“This gathering of global artists examines the great paradox of the passport — its ability to grant freedom of movement as well as curtail it,” Aneiza Ali said. “And it’s an invitation for all of us to ponder a world ordered by the passport and how we negotiate our place in it.”  

Artists: Kelani Abass, Mona Bozorgi, Holly Bynoe, Pilar Castillo, Albert Chong, Jesse Chun, Jeremy Dennis, Pauline Galiana, Ahmad Hammoud, Suchitra Mattai, Camille Modesto, Yasmin Nicholas, Mason Richards, Farihah Aliyah Shah, Cosmo Whyte.  

FSU Museum of Fine Arts

530 West Call Street

Tallahassee, FL

Pattern Recognition, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, online show

January 9 - April 30, 2023

Are our brains essentially pattern recognition machines? We are all wired to see patterns - fractals in nature, trends in events, even behaviors that reoccur over time. Patterns help us create a sense of order and balance in our worlds, and allow us to attach meaning to objects and experiences.

Pattern recognition has been an important and powerful evolutionary tool that allows us to make meaningful connections, gain new perspectives, and increase our understanding of the world leading to new discoveries and innovations.

Explore Pattern Recognition and see how each of our featured artist reckons with life’s patterns and the meanings they ascribe to them.

View the Exhibition

The Art Project at The Oakman 

Friday, December 2nd, 6 - 8 pm

Take the tour of 14 floors of solo artist lobby exhibits by artists: Josef Zutelgte, Karen Starrett, Kevin McCaffrey, David Cummings, James Pustorino, Caridad Kennedy, Greg Letson, Katie Niewodowski, Daryl-Ann Saunders, Pauline Galiana, Stephanie DeManuelle, Nanette Reynolds Beachner, Sandra DeSando, Bill Leech.

The Oakman

160 1st St.

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Wood and Paper, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

Show Dates: Nov.12 - Dec. 31, 2022 

Opening Reception: Sat. Nov. 12, 3-5pm


Wood and Paper have the same substance, but how artists use the same original substance to create their works can result in a panorama of optical delight with ideas that perhaps we have never thought of before. 

Trash, Local Project, Long Island City, NY
Local Project is pleased to present “TRASH”, an exhibition that provokes a conversation about the environment through art. We ask the question, “what is our relationship with trash?” How could something that was once loved, treasured or used be tossed away? Can we give these objects a second chance and utilize them to create something new and beautiful? Visitors are invited to view our eclectic collection of objects, assemblages, and creations. This exhibition was curated by Tim Kelly.
Nearly White, Nearly Black, Artists Living Room

August 20 - September 10, 2022

Nearly White presents work of 12 artists. In their interpretations, Nearly White could be purity, an ecstasy, an illusion, or an objective mindset; it could also represent chaotic situations, strength in coldness, and inner reflections... The possibilities go on. 

Enter the virtual gallery: LINK

Scale within the Artist’s Practice: Part Two - Landscape and Abstraction, NYAC @ Art at First, NYC

"Artists grasp ideas and set out to make visible what has occurred in their mind’s eye. How then to decide the scale of the idea? The works in this show demonstrate, instead of telling, how the urge to materialize an idea compels them to create smaller or larger…and why."
- Cecilia André, Curator

USPS Art Project, InLiquid, Philadelphia, PA

“Little Moons”, my #USPSArtProject with Liz Jaff / @jaffworks. This collaborative piece will be for sale at @InLiquidArt Artist Studio Gallery in Philadelphia, November 23 - January 17, 2021. It was very challenging to alter Liz’ quiet and symmetrical piece. It took me time to put down my inhibition to bring a different melody to “Little Moons”. Graphite, colored pencil and strass on cut-out paper.

“Armadillo” (lower) is the other part of the project. Because this art project created and run by the amazing Christina Massey is all about supporting the US Postal Service, I collaged vintage white envelopes in a quiet and symmetrical pattern challenging Liz on her own turf and secured them with a red thread, a material Liz uses in her quilt-making practice. She had to sharpen her exacto to cut through, fold and make the envelope background bloom into a beautiful art piece.

Artist Studio Gallery @ Park Towne Place
2200 Benjamin Franklin Blvd.

Splinters in the ongoing normal, Project V Gallery

New York City, N.Y., March 14, 2022 | Project Gallery V presents Splinters in the ongoing normal: the Spring Open Call Exhibition 2022 with artworks by 33 different artists. Spanning a range of artistic mediums, including painting, photography, video, and mixed-media installations, this online exhibition offers an expansive, raw, and nuanced look at many of the issues and affective states that characterize our present-day realities.

Many of these works reveal narratives that are at once personal and universal. Although they are inspired by unique experiences and perspectives, the exhibited works elicit notions of tenderness, loss, isolation and fragmentation — emotions that have increasingly textured our collective consciousness over the past two years. Yet, other works also speak to a sense of greater joy, wonder, and resilience, often deploying humor as a creative strategy to deal with the issues that they surface. Together, they explore a wide range of subjects, including gender identity, personhood, memory, and domestic life — as well as disability, climate change, media saturation, and systemic biases.

Press Release: LINK

Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety, Plaxall Gallery

The exhibition “Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety” takes as its premise the state of ultra-anxiety our culture is functioning within due to the pandemic and worldwide social and economic upheaval. It questions whether our endlessly competitive society, which rewards selfish behavior over altruism, has given us the tools needed to survive or whether artists are needed to lead us away from the brink of extinction.

This group exhibition proposes physical, emotional and psychological survival through adaptation to tactics, methods and tools central to artistic creation but commonly marginalized by societies focused on expediency and short term financial profit. Through gadgets, gizmos, interactive machinery and video narratives a course forward will be proposed that values and utilizes unfettered imagination, rampant invention, irrational systems, dream logic, humor and the impossible. This exhibition depends upon and makes the case for a world built on the notion that things are not fixed in their identities but are mutable and can be changed into other things.

Logic makes sense to us because we invented it to understand the world, but our environment has no responsibility to conform to our logical expectations and in fact does not, as quantum investigation makes clear. We must adapt to a reality much more complex and unpredictable than our rational viewpoint has presented in order to survive and flourish.

The group exhibition, “Survival Tools for an Age of Ultra-Anxiety’, will be emblematic of this crucial sea change in thought by embodying its values in diverse, challenging and liberating forms.” 

Mostly Monochrome, WoArtBlog & 1st Dibs, Online show

Featuring artists using a mostly monochromatic approach to the creation of their work.

“Artworks with the reduced variant of color grab their viewers attention instead through their process, materials, composition and tonality. ⁠

As one scrolls through the exhibition, you’ll be visually transitioning through subtle shifts in the monochromatic palette and visually stimulated through the juxtaposition of works from minimal color field paintings to extremely detailed and laborious drawings and sculptures."⁠ 

- @cmasseyart

The Fifth Element, Outlander Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

Outlander Gallery in collaboration with Sky Kim is pleased to announce The Fifth Element exhibition, which brings together five compelling international artists in a show that challenges how we observe, perceive, recreate and reinterpret the Five Elements of Nature; Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Space (Aether/Void). The connective tissue that links their works is found in organic images and metaphors which suggest alternative, metaphoric readings of identity, sexuality, fertility, transformation, growth, spirituality, and personal interpretation of living. Each artist represents an element engaging in stirring gestures and organic forms with the powerful life forces of Gaia that float, multiply, clash, divide, regenerate and evolve within their vigorous vitality. ⁠

Participating Artists:⁠
Peter C. Emerick, Pauline Galiana, Joohyun Kang, Donna Conklin King, Jay Christopher King⁠

International Triennial of Arts on Paper, Stradt Museum, Deggendorf, Germany

I'm very pleased to announce that Timeline No.3 will be on exhibit at Paper Global 5, the International Paper Arts Triennale at Deggendorf Stadt-Museum in Germany. October 2nd, 2021 - March 6, 2022.⁠

Stadtmuseum Deggendorf⁠
Östl. Stadtgraben 28, 94469 ⁠
Deggendorf, Germany⁠